“We provide publishing teams and brand agencies with the tools to implement a print and digital content strategy.”

The products and services in the Publisher’s Toolbox all provide immediate value at an innovation, platform and business level to any organisation with a focus on the commercialisation of digital content.

The Publisher’s Toolbox needn’t be positioned as a complete replatforming, its value proposition is that each product can exist independently of the other. As proud designers, developers and operational implementors of this unique suite of publishing products we encourage disruption within the publishing industry by challenging the current costing and license models.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about The Publisher’s Toolbox for the digital world, and you are encouraged to think more simply when it comes to defining a content strategy, knowing the digital landscape can be reconfigured with minimal change control, resulting in less cost, risk and time to market.

The below products can exist independently of each other, and when integrated they provide an enterprise grade media distribution capability that is sustainable.

The Enterprise Publishing Platform for a Digital World

Secure mobile journalism app and cloud based web dashboard

Bring your brand to life

Powerfully Simple Digital Asset Management

Enterprise grade multimedia content apps

Powerful Video and Image Analysis and Delivery

Innovative web tools to optimise existing online solutions

These are the digital products that make up Afrozaar’s Publisher’s Toolbox.

Each one of these products has a story behind it, a team and a journey to travel. Afrozaar.com’s product development teams are enthused by the adventure each one of our homegrown digital products can provide us and our customers. Our team enjoy having the ability to disrupt and challenge the traditional digital publishing and broadcasting industries by being able to provide alternative solutions that is simpler, quicker and more cost effective to market.

Digital Landscape

“Where the natural world meets a digital reality”

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